Tips for Learning Chinese Quickly

Learning languages can be quite fun but also challenging at the same time. Learning Chinese can be difficult. But I have some tips for learning Chinese that can enable you to learn more effectively and more quickly.

Firstly, the biggest tip for learning Chinese is to immerse yourself in the language if you want to succeed. That means taking every opportunity to listen to the Chinese language and repeating the phrases so that your accent can improve.

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Other ways to immerse yourself into the language can be as simple as going to the library or video store. Borrow some Chinese DVDs and watch them with the subtitles. Even though you may not understand what is being said, the fact that you are listening to the spoken Chinese phrases can help you to improve on your accent for the words and phrases that you do know. After a while of doing this, I was able to guess the meanings of some words or phrases especially phrases that were being used often.

One strategy that I used to help me learn so much more Chinese is to use one of my favourite hobbies; that is singing. I love to sing and listen to music. I would borrow or buy Chinese Karaoke tapes and learn to sing the songs. Even though I may not have known what I was singing, after a while I was able to improve on my recognition of Chinese characters just by learning to sing Chinese songs.

Another tip to learning Chinese involves learning vocabulary fast. Learning vocabulary can be tedious and boring. But if you take this tip, you will be learning faster and in a more fun way. All you do is write down the word you want to remember, for example, “shu” and tape it to the object, which in this case is “book”. If you do this with all the objects in your house. Every time you use the object, you have to make yourself touch the object and say the meaning in Chinese at the same time. Soon after doing this you will be quickly on your way to remembering Chinese.

These are some of my tips to help to learn Chinese more effectively and quickly. I hope that you will put them to use because I know that in my experience of learning languages, those tips can help you learn and make it more fun and interesting.

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