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You have probably found this site because you are interested in purchasing the Rocket Chinese course.

That is a very wise decision to make and here in the Rocket Chinese review, you will find out why.

What I like about the Rocket Chinese course

I like the Rocket Chinese as I have been using this course to converse with people in Chinese and have found it to be fun, interesting, practical and highly efficient in making me learn Chinese. I have a lot of Chinese friends so learning Chinese was a handy way of me being able to communicate with them as well.


But before you go any further, check out my VIDEO REVIEW of the ROCKET CHINESE course where you will see first hand what the course looks like and what you will get when you pay for the course!

I’m not the only one who enjoys this Rocket course.

See some other testimonials from people who have bought the Rocket Chinese course.


Every time I converse with my friends in Chinese, I feel empowered because I like the thrill of talking in a foreign language with my friends. I also know of many people that learn Chinese for love. You probably know of many young men or young women who are trying to woo a potential partner, or impress a partner. What better way of doing that than by taking the time to learn their language. Once you talk to them in Chinese, I can guarantee you that they will be impressed at you taking the initiative to learn their native language.


I have found the Rocket Chinese course to be great value for money. Right now, you can buy the Rocket Chinese course for a one off payment of $99.95 (USD). You can use the coupon code ROCKETDEAL to get the course for this price. But you must act now if you want this course at this affordable price!

What do you get when you download the course?

chinese boat

As soon as you pay the one off payment for the Rocket Chinese course, you gain access to:

  • audio lessons
  • written lessons.
  • games that help you remember Chinese vocabulary and grammar.
  • There are also a couple of nifty resources on the site that will help you learn even more. Firstly there is the ability to record yourself talking. In this way, you can hear the way you are saying the Chinese words. You can compare yourself talking with the tutor’s accent. This will definitely  not only teach you to speak in Chinese but will also teach you to speak with the Chinese accent.
  • Another great feature is the online forum which you have access to once you have paid for the course. This forum is your chance to communicate with the tutors as well as other people from around the world that are also learning Chinese. This feature is great and will only enhance your learning experience.

What I don’t like about the course:

The only thing that I can say that could be improved upon is the online forum. It is not as active as other forums so you might not get an instant comment or reply to your question or comment.

This course is best for:

I highly recommend this course, especially if you are a complete beginner or if you only know very limited Chinese.

Other comments:

Learning Chinese from the beginning is difficult and it won ‘t be easy. There is a steep learning curve. But this Rocket course helps you to learn and the founders of the course even say that using the Rocket course will cut down your learning by half.

So don’t  miss out on this course at this ridiculously affordable price. You can gain so much knowledge so please click below to buy this Rocket Chinese course!

Let me point out that I receive a commission on every Rocket Chinese course that is bought and this helps me to run this website. The review that I have provided is an honest one. I am really only recommending it because I believe in the product and have great confidence that any buyers will definitely benefit and learn Chinese effectively and efficiently. If you decide to purchase this course through me then I thank you for your support.

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