5 Reasons to Learn Chinese

If you have found this website, then you are no doubt wanting or thinking about learning Chinese. By Chinese, I mean Mandarin Chinese that is spoken in countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.


I have come across people who are not native Chinese speakers but they have learnt Chinese for a variety of reasons. Here I will outline 5 of the most common reasons to learn Chinese.


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1)      This reason is my favourite and romantic reason to learn. And that is to learn Chinese because your guy or gal speaks Chinese. There is something romantic if your partner takes the time and energy to learn your language. Not only would learning Chinese impress your partner but it would impress your partner’s family as well!


2)      You are travelling to a Chinese speaking country. If you are going to make a journey, then it would be most handy to learn a little of the basics at least. This will help you get around the country and make small talk with the locals. Not only that, but if you can speak some Chinese, you will be much safer as you will be able to navigate your way around.


3)      Your job requires you to learn Chinese. I know of a few people who are not native Chinese but they have spent years in a Chinese speaking country as an expat. If you have the opportunity to travel overseas then knowing Chinese would be extremely practical and beneficial. Or maybe you have some Chinese clients coming to your company. Knowing Chinese would also be advantageous as you would be able to talk to them at a conversational level


4)      You want to exercise your brain. Perhaps you want to take up a hobby that is challenging but yet fun to learn. Learning Chinese will certainly be challenging and will help you to exercise your brain and keep your brain young and active.


5)      The last reason is a practical one. The Chinese language is one of the top three languages that are spoken in the world. The other two languages are English and Spanish. This would imply that there are people all over the world in many different countries where you can find some Chinese speakers. Learning Chinese would be very useful and there no doubt would be many opportunities to converse with other Chinese people.


So these are my top 5 reasons to learn Chinese. Maybe you will fit into one of these categories. Or maybe you have your own special reason to learn Chinese. Don’t delay, I recommend that you learn Chinese today.


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